Moving in & Out

Moving in and out can be a stressful time as it is, without having to worry about getting your house in order and cleaning up. When you are moving out you will want your house to look as presentable and clean as possible for the people who are coming to view it. A clean, tidy and organised house will sell a lot quicker than an unclean, messy, cluttered house. When you first move into your new house, it would make life a lot easier if the rooms, cupboards, carpets, windows, bathrooms, garden etc. were all cleaned. This takes the weight off your shoulders. You can call today to get a quote for this service- CALL 07817994024

We charge £12 per hour, per cleaner. It is sometimes a good idea to get several cleaners in, if you want the job to be done quicker. We can give you a rough price for the whole job.

What you should expect?

Here is a rough list of the tasks we will cover. Remember that each house will take a different amount of time, so make sure you call in advance to get a quote.


Clean and wipe all surfaces, inside and outside cupboards. Polish all surfaces down. Clean windows. Wipe down skirting board. Move all furniture and polish behind and vacuum. Vacuum and clean carpet, or mop floor where necessary. Clean light switches and any other surfaces.