Spring Cleaning

Sometimes in our busy lifeís we require a helping hand. That is not surprising when you see all the things you have to do on your daily to do lists! We offer a spring cleaning service which is for people who just need a one off or once in a while clean. This will help to keep on top of your housework and allow you to enjoy your homes more fully. With a spring clean we will clean the places that normally donít get touched, but get covered in dust, like the tops of cupboards and doors. The price for this service is £12 an hour.

What you should expect

All our cleaners have check lists to ensure that nothing is missed out! However if you require a specific clean in a certain area, just specify the details with us and we will provide the best possible service for you. Every house requires a different amount of hours to clean. On average a 3-4 bed roomed house would take about 4-5 hours for a deep clean.